Do you need “business use” on your personal car insurance?

If you are an employee and use your car to travel between offices, to visit clients, customers,suppliers or for other meetings connected to your employer’s business then you should ensure that your insurance covers you, even on your personal car.


If you were to have an accident, it could prove to be very expensive and life changing to find out that you are not covered because your insurer considers that you were at work at the time.You would be liable not only for the costs of repair /replacement to your own vehicle, but if the accident were your fault for damage to the other vehicle/property and injuries to the other party involved. This could end up costing you a lot of money.

You would be committing an offence of using a motor vehicle without insurance which carries a fine, court costs, 6 to 8 penalty points or possible disqualification.

Insurance is an offence of strict liability, either you are covered and have it , or if not then you commit an offence.

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