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Commercial Property

landlordOur practice has a strong Commercial Property Team who can or have advised on all types of commercial property matters. In particular we can assist in negotiating sales or leases and can advise on the tax and VAT implications, auctions and sealed bid purchasers. We currently act for a large number of property developers, investors, housing associations, health providers and educational universities. We pride ourselves on ensuring that property deals are finalised as quickly as possible and that our clients are kept regularly appraised of progress made.

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A lease is a contract between you and your landlord and the terms decided at the outset govern your ongoing relationship which may last for many years. Just like any Contract, the content of the Lease is important if something goes wrong, or if you simply want to make changes to your business. When acting on your behalf we can:

  • Negotiate the terms of the lease for you
  • Help to protect your interests when the lease is coming to an end
  • Act for you in negotiating changes to your lease
  • Advise you generally regarding your position under a lease
  • Act and advise you in the transfer of your existing lease to a new tenant

Whilst the terms of a Lease are to a certain extent dictated by the Landlord there are changes that the tenant can make to ensure that the Lease is balanced and the tenants position improved. In our negotiations with the Landlord’s solicitors we will make sure that the landlord cannot impose unreasonable requirements on you. This gives you greater flexibility should you require it.

Our priority is to make sure you know what you are taking on and what to expect in the future from your landlord so that you can plan ahead.


The Lease that you give to your tenant is a very important document. A well drafted Lease can improve the value of your property.

A Lease is a Contract between you and your tenant and the terms that are agreed at the outset govern your future relationship. The wording of the Lease can be particularly important should things go wrong.

However, we also understand that it is important to you to get your tenant into the property as quickly as possible and thereby receiving rental income.

When acting on your behalf, we will:

  • Advise you generally on the terms of your Lease
  • Advise you on your options when the Lease is coming to an end
  • Act for you if your tenant approaches you about transferring the Lease to a new tenant
  • Act and advise you if you tenant is proposing to make changes to the Lease.

Above all, our aim is to ensure that the Lease is tailored to meet your needs as a Landlord but also be flexible enough to suit your tenant and their business needs too.

Our Commercial Property Solicitors:

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