Footwear & Manufacturing

Josiah Hincks are solicitors with specific experience in advising business involved in the Footwear Industry and other Manufacturing clients.

Our lawyers’ expertise in the Footwear and Manufacturing Industries covers a wide range of legal services from Corporate Issues such as restructuring or expansion, commercial contracts,  Employment Law Issues and Property Issues.

Our Property Lawyers are often involved in advising Manufacturing Businesses about Property Matters such as Buying and Selling Properties, dealing with Pension Funds and Lease Backs, Planning Issues and Environmental Issues.

Our Litigation Tem has vast experience in dealing with disputes on behalf of clients involved in the Shoe Industry.  We have considerable experience in dealing with cross jurisdictional litigation issues, for instance, in dealing with suppliers and customers in Europe, China and Worldwide.  We have advised many different clients on contract disputes relating to footwear and other goods manufactured whether in the UK or in China or elsewhere.  The advice given relates to Shipping Law, Insurance Law, Sale of Goods Act, Bill of Goods and Bills of Laden, Insolvency Issues, Intellectual Property Issues such as Copyright, Design Right and Trademark Infringement along with the less exciting Debt Recovery.

Our expert lawyers in Leicester have specific understanding of manufacturing and have the expertise to advice you on the best approach to ensure your costs are low while obtaining first class legal advice for your business.

Our solicitors in Leicester take time to understand your particular manufacturing business and its issues.  Josiah Hincks Solicitors are a trusted advisor to a wide range of manufacturing and footwear business and can offer you the benefit of our no nonsense legal advice backed by complete understanding of the issues which affect your Footwear/Manufacturing business in Leicester.

To speak to one of our solicitors about a legal issues effecting your Footwear  Business please contact us.


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