7 Steps to Selling Your House with Josiah Hincks Conveyancing

Selling Your Home with Josiah Hincks Conveyancing in Leicestershire
Selling Your Home with Josiah Hincks Conveyancing in Leicestershire

Conveyancing, the legal name for buying and selling a house in Leicester, is a straight forward process. With Josiah Hincks as your lawyers, your house sale will be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Here is our conveyancing team’s 7-step guide to selling your home with Josiah Hincks

What we need to do to sell your property

Step 1

Receive your signed Terms of Business, Proof of Identity, and Sale Factsheet along with your completed Property Information form and Fixtures and Fittings form.

Step 2

We will obtain up to date copies of your legal title from the Land Registry.

We will then contact the Buyer’s Lawyers and issue contract documentation including your legal title, the completed Property Information form and Fixture and Fittings form. If you have a mortgage, we will also contact your mortgage lender and request a redemption figure.

Step 3

Once the Buyer’s Lawyers have reviewed the contract papers, they may raise questions about the property, known as enquiries. Once we receive these questions, we will be contact, as we may need your assistance with these questions.

Step 4

When we have replies to the questions raised by the Buyer’s Lawyers, we will provide written responses to the questions to the Buyer’s Lawyers.

Step 5

Once your Buyer’s Lawyers have our replies to their questions, their full search results and the Buyer’s funding in place, we will discuss completion dates with you and if not already done so, we will arrange for you to sign your contract documentation.

Step 6

Once a completion date is agreed between you and your buyer we will exchange contracts, entering you into a legal binging contract to sell your property and setting the completion date in stone.

Step 7

On the completion day we will ask for you to drop off you keys with the Estate Agent, repay your mortgage if needed and account to you with the proceeds of your sale.