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What’s in a name? Trademark registration

trademarkAn important concept that is found at the heart of most businesses is its branding. A company’s name or logo can often be its most valuable asset and therefore it is vital that this is protected. In order to sufficiently protect their brand, a business should considering  registering a trademark. A trademark is a sign that distinguishes a business’s goods and services from those of their competitors. In order to register a trade mark, an application must be made to the Intellectual Property Office. Our expert trademark solicitors in Leicester can assist with all types of trademark registration.

However, if you have not registered your mark, action against someone who uses your mark may still be taken using the common law process of passing off. So, what are the benefits of registering a trademark?

  • A trademark is property and therefore an asset, it is yours to licence, franchise and sell.
  • A trademark acts as a deterrent to someone who may use your trademark without your permission
  • A registered trademark makes the process of bringing legal action against someone who uses your trademark without your permission much easier as it gives you legally protected rights

If you require any more information or need help in registering your trademark, please feel free to contact Steven Mather and we will be happy to help.