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Buying from an Administrator

With businesses becoming insolvent in large numbers in recent times, opportunities  to acquire assets from their administrators are at their peak. However, the low prices sought for the assets are due, at least in part, to the additional risk to the purchaser.

Here are some of the main issues to be aware of when buying from an administrator:

  1. Vacant possession of a property will not normally be guaranteed and the cost of clearance of items left in the building should be borne in mind;
  2. No guarantees or warranties regarding the property will be given, undertaking proper due diligence to reduce risks is strongly advised;
  3. There may be items that appear to be a part of the property being sold which do not in fact belong to the insolvent business; and
  4. The administrator acts only as agent for the insolvent company and will accept no liability for errors or omissions.

Buying a property from an administrator is a risky business. We can help you to control the legal risks.