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Josiah Hincks Give Assistance for Failing Law Firms

With news recently hitting the headlines of firms of solicitors closing down, going into liquidation or being “at risk”, we can offer help and support to both law firms and clients of law firms.

News stories such as “Looming PII deadline could sink 176 firms”, “153 firms on at risk list”, and “2500 law firms at risk of closure” means it could be a worrying time for partners of firms in the region or clients.

We have now assisted several firms in an orderly wind-down of their practices. Because of our experience, we can work with you and the SRA to ensure that a highly expensive intervention is not required.

For clients of law firms at risk, we can offer a smooth transition of files to Josiah Hincks where we will ensure that urgent matters such as property transactions and court deadlines are dealt with promptly and efficiently by our experienced solicitors and executives.

If you are a solicitor or partner in a solicitors practice and have not secured PII or are concerned about the tighter regulations, then get in touch with Andrew Eagle, Managing Partner, on a completely confidential basis, on 0116 2551811 or