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Where There’s (Not) A Will There’s A Way

We all know the phrase “where there’s a Will…….” , but what happens when you know there should be a Will but no-one can find it, not even a copy.

Well that’s what happened recently to a client of Josiah Hincks Solicitors. The client was initially told by other advisors that there was nothing she could do and it would pass to the Crown as no family could be found.

We began to piece together all the evidence, including interviewing people who had known the deceased down the years and things like looking at the nomination form on his company pension. Eventually we were satisfied we had enough to convince a Judge that a Will had been made, the terms of that Will and that it had simply been lost and not revoked.

At a short hearing the Judge agreed and we were able to obtain an Order admitting the draft we had created into proof. Our client now has Probate and is the beneficiary of a £600,000 estate which would otherwise have gone to the Crown.

If you have any issues surrounding Probate or inheritance issues, then speak to Andrew Eagle who will be happy to provide you with that expert advice you need.