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BYOD Can Spell Trouble, Warns Dell

If you have a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy at your firm, you should think carefully about the implications of such a policy for your data security. Computer giant Dell has recently issued a report claiming that more than half of all firms with a BYOD policy have suffered security breaches as a result.

In January 2010, a Russell Group university suffered temporary but major dislocation due to an invasion by a ‘denial of service’ virus, which led to all users having to have their devices ‘swept’ before they could use the University’s system again.

If you operate a BYOD policy, extreme care must be taken and a system devised to prevent data loss and corruption. We can assist you by checking insurance policies to ensure data loss/corruption are insured events and that you have suitable staff policies in force to minimise your risk of potentially catastrophic losses.

The Dell website has some good general information.