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How To Separate Without Going To Court

The focus, for some time now, has been to attempt to resolve issues between separating couples without using a court. Still, however, so many are content to leave matters in the hands of a Judge who will ultimately impose a decision upon the couple. It may be that neither party is happy with the outcome though. So, how can a couple separate without going to court?

Dominic Raab, the press has revealed, is intent on taking steps to ensure that even more family cases stay out of the court arena.

If you are not able to have an amicable discussion with your former spouse/partner, there are alternatives, without resorting to a court application.

You could be referred to an independent mediator who could arrange a joint meeting and who would then assist you in discussions and hopefully promote an amicable resolution of matters.

Alternatively, you could each appoint a solicitor who is collaboratively trained. Here you would both have access to your own legal advice. You would all work together as a team, with both solicitors and their clients at four-way roundtable meetings. Amicable discussions and negotiations can then take place upon the agreement that neither of you will take matters to the court and so the focus therefore is upon achieving a solution to the issues that both of you can live with and then move forward.

The Josiah Hincks Family Team can assist you by providing the legal advice that you would require in order to be able to participate in mediation. Alternatively, the team has qualified Collaborative Practitioners whom you can instruct to assist through the collaborative process.

Dominic Raab it has been suggested is proposing to make mediation the default option in due course to reduce the number of cases progressing through the court. There is of course no need to wait until that process becomes mandatory. Your Josiah Hincks Family Team is here to assist and guide you through the maze in which you find yourself following the breakdown of your relationship. Our focus is always to reduce acrimony and focus upon reaching an amicable solution to your problems without having to refer matters to a court.


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