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Did You Know Divorce Has Gone Digital?

Did you know divorce has gone digital? Well, it has. Due to the unprecedented demand on the Family Court and the backlog in the Court, applications for divorce must now be made digitally by those who are unrepresented and those represented by a Solicitor.

HMCTS continue to process existing paper applications but no new divorce petitions can be issued on paper but must use the digital platform.

What’s the difference between paper and digital applications?

The paperless divorce is a more efficient way for people to divorce and is generally a quicker process than the old paper process. The online service prompts applicants to take the next step as the process moves forward. The online service has seen a drop in mistakes in applications compared with paper forms.

The relatively new service, which became compulsory from 13th September 2021, is intended to speed the divorce process and ease the pressure on the Family Courts. This too should ease the stress on the parties to the divorce proceedings. Exceptions to the digital process are applications in relation to a civil partnership, judicial separation and nullity proceedings.

The court system it seems is getting prepared for the changes to come on 6th April 2022 when the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, introducing no fault divorce procedure becomes effective.

Do I still need a Solicitor?

As has been shown in a recent case where 28 divorce petitions containing exactly the same particulars of unreasonable behaviour and prepared by an online company were rejected by the Court for not fulfilling the criteria, it is still essential that you seek expert legal advice from a qualified Family Solicitor in relation to your divorce and the financial aspects.

All of our Family Solicitors are members of Resolution who follow a Code of Practice to deal with your divorce in a constructive and conciliatory manner to enable you to bring your marriage to an end with dignity. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team should you need advice and assistance.


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