What is a Property Information Form and Fixtures and Contents Form when selling a house?

Fittings and Contents Form in Conevyancing

As part of the conveyancing process in selling your home, you will have to complete a couple of forms. These are sometimes called “protocol forms” but will usually include a Property Information Form and a Fixtures and Fittings Questionnaire.

What is a Property Information Form?

When you are selling a property, your solicitor will send you a copy of the Property Information Form which is to be completed to the best of your knowledge to assist the buyer’s solicitors with their investigations and enquiries. These forms are sometimes referred to as form TA6 (as that’s what the Law Society code is for them) or sometimes a SPIF (Sellers Property Information Form) or more typically just a PIF (said a bit like pft!).

The Property Information Form will mainly reveal the following:

  • Responsibilities for boundaries;
  • Disputes with neighbours;
  • Notices from the Local Council affecting the property such as road widening;
  • Building works carried out at the property;
  • Guarantees and Warranties such as for electrics and New Home Build warranties;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Details of property insurance;
  • Parking at the property;
  • Details of any other people occupying the property.
  • Condition which the property will be left in as at the moving date.

As you will note from above, this form provides insight into the history of the property through the knowledge of the seller. This is supplemented by searches which are carried out on the property.

What is a Fittings and Contents Form?

A Fittings and Contents Form (Form TA10 at the Law Society) is also known by a couple of different names. We tend to call them a Fixtures and Fittings Form, or a Fixtures and Contents Forms.

The Fixtures and Contents Form states the items which are to be included within the sale of the property. This ranges from the cooker, microwave and curtain poles to garden furniture, fridges and blinds.

There may be items listed within this form for sale at a certain price by the buyer. It is important to clarify at an early stage whether you wish to purchase these items or whether you would like them removed as at the moving date. Please note that the Fixtures and Contents Form must be accurate as this will form part of the Sale Contract.

The buyer’s solicitor may seek clarification on the responses provided within your Property Information Form or Fixtures and Contents Form.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, you will need a great conveyancer to help guide you through the process. Our conveyancers in Blaby, Syston, Market Harborough, Coalville and Leicester will be glad to assist. 

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Author: Steven Mather
Steven is a Partner of Josiah Hincks and specialises in commercial litigation