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Why make a Will?

Many people have never made a Will, or made a Will years ago but not kept it up to date as their circumstances change.  So why should you make a Will?  Our Will writing solicitors in Leicestershire give our top reasons people should make a Will.

  • Don’t leave it to chance – without a Will your savings and possessions (“your Estate”) could pass to someone you may not wish to benefit. By making a Will you say who benefits from your Estate
  • Who is responsible for carrying out your wishes? You appoint an Executor under your Will; this could be a family member, trusted friend or professional such as a solicitor
  • How do you want your funeral to be dealt with? Your funeral wishes can be set out in your Will
  • Who will care for your young children if you are no longer around? Without a Will the decision would be left to the Courts and Social Services to decide.  You can set this out in your Will and make that decision appointing someone you know and trust to bring up your children the way you would bring them up yourself
  • Do you have family heirlooms? You can gift these in your Will to ensure they continue pass down the family line
  • Inheritance Tax Planning – seeing a solicitor and taking professional advice could save your Estate money in the future by avoiding unnecessary Inheritance Tax

If you would like to make a Will, or amend an existing Will, please contact a member of our Wills & Probate Department.

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