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The Local Authority has a duty to safeguard any child within their jurisdiction and hence they often decide to intervene when Social Workers’ believe that a child is at risk of harm.

Here at Josiah Hincks we hold a Legal Aid franchise at our Coalville Office and are therefore able to advise parents who are subject to social services intervention as to their rights once Care Proceedings have been issued.

Local Authorities have different levels of intervention which vary in the degree of severity.  These include:-

  1. A child being categorised as a “Child in Need”;
  2. A child being subject to a “Child Protection Plan”;
  3. A child being subject to the Public Law outline, “pre-proceedings”;
  4. A child being subject to “Care Proceedings”.

Should a Local Authority issue Court proceedings in respect of any child, that child’s parents are required to act quickly in order to file evidence prior to the First Hearing. This allows the Court to consider all parties’ evidence before they make any interim Order which may result in the child being placed in foster care temporarily, under an Interim Care Order.

Josiah Hincks’ Solicitors are able to meet with parents quickly and prepare all relevant documentation in readiness for the First Hearing.

Here at Josiah Hincks our experienced Family Solicitors are able to advise parents in relation to any Local Authority involvement and so if you have any questions in relation to this, or if you would wish to make an appointment to see one of our Solicitors to discuss this further, please contact Josiah Hincks on 01530 835 041 (Coalville) or 0116 2551811 (Leicester), 0116 2643430 (Blaby) or 0116 3440210(Syston).

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