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Josiah Hincks Mediation offers fixed price mediation services. We firmly believe that mediation should be cost effective and our prices reflect this.


The following costs are payable by each party and are exclusive of VAT, disbursements, travel/accommodation. The fees include reasonable preparation before the mediation. The fees are of course subject to our standard Terms of Business.


Value of Dispute Josiah Hincks Mediation Fee
£5000 – £15000 £350 for 3 hour conference
£575 for 6 hour conference
Additional hours at £140
£15000 – £50000 £475 for 4 hour conference
£950 for 7 hour conference
£140 per additional hour
£50000+ £1195 for 8 hour mediation
Additional hours at £140

Instructing Josiah Hincks Mediation is simple. If you are represented in a Court action by a solicitor, you can instruct your solicitor that you would like to mediate your dispute. It might be that your solicitor has talked to you about mediation before. If you would like Josiah Hincks Mediation’s Steven Mather to be your mediator, then you can instruct your solicitor to put forward Steven’s Mediation CV to the other party in the case.

It may be that your solicitor has already suggested mediation and for Steven Mather to be the mediator. In which case, if you personally have any questions, please feel free to contact Steven on 01858 452 462.

Nearly all of our instructions for mediations come from solicitors in Leicester,Derby, Nottingham,Coventry, and surrounding areas.

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