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Have you got a contract that you don't feel should be in place given the current situation?
Or is someone refusing to meet their contractual obligations and you need advice on this?

The Coronaviris crisis is making it difficult for individuals and businesses to comply with their contracts. But there are options you can look at to resolve this. Our Force Majeure Solicitors can examine your contracts and advise you on exactly how you can resolve your situation. If you would like us to look at you contract for you then simply quick the button below to request a call back and one of our experts will be in touch with you.

What is a Force Majeure clause?

In essence this clause allows a party to the contract to stop/alter parties to perform the contract fully or to stop them performing the contract partly. This can include delay, applying for a time extension or delay in performing certain obligations, impacting supply chains and payments that are due to either the party within the agreement or to creditors.

Just because a Force Majeure clause is in place does not guarantee that it can be relied upon in every situation. These clauses are often drafted in different ways meaning that the parties to the contract can only rely upon the Force Majeure contract in certain situations. This is where our experts can carefully examine your contract and advise you on whether or not a Force Majeure clause can be relied upon.

How we can help:

Request a free call back

Contact us via the buttons on this page and one of our Force Majeure experts will give you a call so that you can explain your situation.

We'll review your contract

If you would like us to then our experts can have a thorough, detailed look at the contract in question and can see whether or not there is a Force Majeure Clause and if so whether or not it is applicable in your circumstance.

We'll let you know your options

Our experts will then be in touch with you via telephone or email to explain the details of your contract and advise you on how you should proceed.

We'll support you

We can then represent you should any further action be necessary.

Our Force Majeure experts


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