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Josiah Hincks’ specialist financial services litigation solicitors can assist you or your business in bringing a claim for compensation following Professional Negligence by Financial Advisors, Accountants and other solicitors.

We also work with such professionals in defending claims brought by individuals.

Our financial services litigation experts can help with bringing complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in the case of financial services, or IACEW or SRA, through to litigated claims in the High Court.

Professional Negligence Claims have their own protocol under the Court’s Civil Procedure Rules, which require any claimant to set out the detail of their claim in a  Letter of Claim. There is a 3-month period for a Defendant to review, investigate and respond. Ideally the parties will explore settlement, but if a resolution cannot be achieved, then Court proceedings may need to be issued.

We have recently been involved in:

  • The mis-selling of complex financial products/IRHPs/hedging products by Banks to individuals and businesses;
  • A case of negligent advice on a pension transfer into illiquid property in Liverpool;
  • an elderly lady whose life savings were moved to an offshore liquid fund
  • claim against an accountant for failing to advise on SDLT / ATED and CGT issues on a property purchase
  • claim against an accountant for failing to claim R&D Tax relief
  • claims against a solicitor for incorrectly calculating SDLT stamp duty
  • claims against a a solicitor for negligently drafting a Will and estate
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