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Alcohol Licensing Law Solicitors in Leicester
Alcohol Licensing Law Solicitors in Leicester

If your business operates within the hospitality industry you will have to comply with the licensing requirements of your local authority. At Josiah Hincks solicitors we provide specialist advice and representation to assist businesses in obtaining alcohol, gaming and entertainment licences. We also provide representation in contesting any attempts by the police or local authorities to revoking licenses or closing premises. Much of our work is carried out at Leicester Magistrates Court, but we do also attend Hinckley and Loughborough.

The 2003 Licensing Act requires anyone wishing to sell alcohol, hot food or drink after 11pm, or wanting to provide certain forms of entertainment to comply with the requirements of a dual system of both personal and premises licenses. Different rules apply to Clubs. We can help guide you through the right process to ensure that you or your premises are properly licenced.

We have previously acted for in licencing for restaurants in Leicester, licences for sports grounds and alcohol licences for bars.

We can help your business with the following;

  • Applications for personal licences
  • Applications and appeals for new premises licence
  • Variation to existing licences
  • Applications for Temporary Events Licences
  • Representation at Licensing Committee Hearings
  • Representation at Licensing Appeals before the Magistrates Court
  • Defending Breach proceedings and Closure Orders

For a free initial telephone consultation please call our Business Defence Solicitors on 01858 462 462

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