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Copyright protects literary, musical, dramatic, artistic and broadcast works. Provided the works you have created are original and you have recorded your works, copyright will automatically exist.

Whilst the works created must emanate from you (the author) there is no requirement for the works to be unique i.e. it is possible for two separate works to be created that are the same or similar (Baigent and Leigh v The Random House Group [2007] EWCA Civ 247).

Copyright Registration Service

As copyright solicitors Leicester, we are often asked to provide a Copyright Registration Service. This is where we create a legally recognisable proof of date of copyright. As copyright is created automatically and there is no need or ability to register your copyrighted works, our Copyright Registration Service gives you the peace of mind that your copyright be be proven to a specific date. Accordingly, if you ever need to enforce your rights under your copyright, you can easily demonstrate when your use of the works was first made.

At Josiah Hincks we can advise you if your works are capable of being subject to copyright, we can provide you with services to help protect your works and we can help enforce your copyright if someone has copied your works.

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