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Rehabilitation after a personal injury

You do not necessarily have to suffer from catastrophic, life changing injuries to require rehabilitation.  A ‘simple’ back injury can result in you being unable to work for a period of time which in turn may mean that you are unable to pay your bills.

Your GP may suggest that you need physiotherapy but the NHS waiting list is 12 weeks.  How are you going to manage for 12 weeks, without treatment and without being able to earn a living?  If you return to work before you are fit enough, you may cause further damage, resulting in you being unable to work for a longer period of time.

You have enough to worry about.  You do not need to worry about being unable to work or having to wait for appropriate treatment. We have access to a network of local physiotherapists who are able to offer an appointment, usually within 24 hours.  Many will agree to defer payment of their fees until the end of your case and if your claim is successful, then your opponent’s insurers will pay for the treatment.

What would happen if you sustained more serious injuries, such that you were unable to continue to work in the job you had trained for?  What if you needed specialist equipment to enable you to live independently?  What if you lived in a house but were unable to get upstairs to your bedroom or to use the bathroom?

We can arrange for an initial needs assessment by qualified experts who will be able to assess your needs and make recommendations in terms of the aides and equipment you need.  We will advise your opponent’s insurers of those needs and seek an early agreement for funding.

We can arrange for an employment expert to assess your ability to return to work.  To provide an indication as to what additional training or assistance you may need to be eligible to apply for alternative positions.

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